Aphisek Kongkaew

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To the Editor: To date, the genus Kobuvirus has consisted of 2 offi cially recognized species, Aichi virus and Bovine Kobuvirus (1). Aichi virus has been shown to be associated with acute gastroenteritis in humans (2–4), and bovine kobuvirus has been detected only in cattle (5,6). Most recently, a third candidate species of Kobuvirus has been described in(More)
Several epidemiological studies reported the detection of rotavirus strains bearing unusual combinations of genetic background of human and porcine rotaviruses. This observation supports the hypothesis of interspecies transmission of rotaviruses in humans and pigs. The aims of this study were to investigate the genotypes and molecular characteristics of(More)
A total of 491 fecal specimens collected from diarrheic piglets in Thailand from January 2011 to March 2014 were screened for group A rotavirus by RT-PCR assay. The G and P genotypes of the detected rotaviruses were determined by multiplex PCR or nucleotide sequencing. Group A rotaviruses were detected in 113 out of 491 (23.0 %) fecal specimens. A wide(More)
Group A rotavirus (RVA) is the most common cause of severe acute viral gastroenteritis in humans and animals worldwide. This study characterized the whole genome sequences of porcine RVAs, 2 G3P[23] strains (CMP40/08 and CMP48/08), 1 G9P[23] strain (CMP45/08), and 1 G3P[13] strain (CMP29/08). These strains were collected from diarrheic piglets less than(More)
Whole genomes of G9P[19] human (RVA/Human-wt/THA/CMH-S070-13/2013/G9P[19]) and porcine (RVA/Pig-wt/THA/CMP-015-12/2012/G9P[19]) rotaviruses concurrently detected in the same geographical area in northern Thailand were sequenced and analyzed for their genetic relationships using bioinformatic tools. The complete genome sequence of human rotavirus(More)
OBJECTIVE The operating procedure of a resternotomy in open-heart surgery is a complicated procedure with potentially problematic outcomes partly due to potential adhesions in the pericardial cavity and retrosternal space. Use of a collagen membrane has shown encouraging results in adhesion prevention in several regions of the body. This study was designed(More)
A total of 636 fecal samples collected from piglets with and without diarrhea during 2009 to 2013 were tested for porcine kobuvirus by RT-PCR. From a total of 528 fecal samples collected from piglets with diarrhea and 108 from healthy controls, 505 (95.6%) and 104 (96.3%) were positive for porcine kobuvirus, respectively. The detection rates of porcine(More)
To evaluate the results of cultivated limbal epithelial and oral mucosal epithelial transplantation (CLET and COMET) in limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD)-induced rabbit model. Six New Zealand white rabbits were divided into two groups of three rabbits each. Limbal tissue was harvested from the first group, and oral mucosal biopsy was obtained from the(More)
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