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Twitter is becoming a popular social media platform for syndromic surveillance. We explored the Twitter discussion in the context of the 2016 Zika Outbreak. The Zika virus can have severe long-term (such as microcephaly in newborns) effects and not so serious immediate (such as fever or headache) effects. We explored whether social media discussions(More)
Twitter is becoming a popular microblogging platform for exploring various socio-political movements. We extract 2.7 million Brexit related tweets to decipher the European Union (EU) referendum deliberations. Our volumetric analysis correctly predicts the outcome of 2016 Brexit referendum. We also investigate whether Twitter discussion adequately reflects(More)
This study explores how peer-to-peer based dynamic network structure can increase the efficiency of content delivery networks using agent based modeling. Existing literature suggests that virtual organization based model will be the prevalent model in near future for efficient content delivery. Following this we explore how interactions between multiple(More)
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