Aparna V. Kulkarni

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Ultrasound assisted esterification of butyric acid with methanol was investigated in an ultrasound irradiated isothermal batch reactor using acid ion-exchange resin (amberlyst-15) as a catalyst. Effect of parameters such as temperature (323-353 K), catalyst loading (0-8.5%w/w), alcohol to acid ratio, M (2-6), ultrasound power (0-145 W), duty cycle (0-85%)(More)
This paper presents heat transfer analysis of bare tube arrangement in gas-solid (air-solid) fluidized bed of large particles such as mustard(1.1mm), raagi (1.4mm) & bajara(2.1mm) also predictions are done by using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) based on the experimental data. Within the range of experimental conditions influence of bed particle diameter(More)
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