Aparna Paliwal

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UNLABELLED Palatal rugae are irregular, asymmetric ridges of the mucous membrane extending laterally from the incisive papilla and the anterior part of the palatal raphe. The uniqueness and the overall stability of palatal rugae suggest their use for forensic identification. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to compare the palatal rugae patterns in(More)
Despite the fact that numerous researches have been carried out to prevent head and neck cancer (HNC) and treat those patients, there is no reduction in morbidity rate because the underlying molecular pathogenesis is still poorly understood. Endocrine microenvironment is another vital factor besides other traditional risk factors like tobacco smoking,(More)
INTRODUCTION One of the most common and effective ways of replacing missing teeth is by dental implants. Both quality and quantity of bone along with the area of implant placement govern the prognosis of the implant procedure. Certain risk factors predispose the implant treatment to high failure rate. Hence, we assessed the implant patients who were(More)
Clear cell squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is an extremely rare heterogenous group of malignant tumour with incompletely understood aetiology. We, hereby present a case of clear cell variant of squamous carcinoma on buccal mucosa in 52-year-old male patient. Histopathology showed sheets of squamous cells with clear cell differentiation and malignant features.(More)
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