Aparna Nagargadde

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Unforeseen adverse effects exhibited by drugs contribute heavily to late-phase failure and even withdrawal of marketed drugs. Torsade de pointes (TdP) is one such important adverse effect, which causes cardiac arrhythmia and, in some cases, sudden death, making it crucial for potential drugs to be screened for torsadogenicity. The need to tap the power of(More)
have been proposed in this regard. However, they are mostly tailor-made for specific application(s)/application scenarios and require significant domain knowledge and programming effort. In this paper, we propose a two phase approach for efficient grid enablement of legacy applications with minimal manual intervention. We present an analysis of generic(More)
Reducing the latency of information delivery in an event driven world has always been a challenge. It is often necessary to completely capture the attributes of events and relationships between them, so that the process of retrieval of event related information is efficient. In this paper, we discuss a formal system for representing and analyzing real world(More)
Event based analysis plays an important role in reducing the latency of information delivery in an event driven world. Also, the perception of an 'event' by a user is at a higher level (a meta event), and would involve the analysis of several less complex or lower order events (basic events) in order to convey meaningful information. This is especially true(More)
Grid technologies can be aligned with Web service technologies in order to capitalize on desirable Web service properties and develop self describing, discoverable grid services. With the increasing size of grid networks, there is a need for efficient resource distribution and scheduling of applications within a grid to achieve scalability. In this paper,(More)
Grid enablement of existing applications has been a prime area of research in recent times and numerous solutions have been proposed in this regard. Grid enablement of an application involves conversion of a single (monolithic) application into a set of well coupled grid jobs and services, which can be deployed in a grid. Determining the optimum(More)
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