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OBJECTIVE There are five situations in a women's life during which hormone fluctuations make them more susceptible to oral health problems - during puberty, at certain points in the monthly menstrual cycle, when using birth control pills, during pregnancy, and at menopause. The present study aimed at evaluating the effect of menstruation, pregnancy and(More)
Odontogenic tumors comprise a complex group of lesions of diverse histopathological types and clinical behavior. The group of mixed odontogenic tumors, which are also rare, is composed of proliferating odontogenic epithelium in a cellular ectomesenchyme resembling dental papilla. Ameloblastic fibrodentinoma is a rare benign odontogenic tumor. The present(More)
Etiopathogenesis of the pathologic lesions forms the basis for formulation of appropriate intervention and further prevention. There is still a vast unknown field that has to be explored to know the causative reason behind certain benign & malignant lesions. Idiopathic bone defects are nonodontogenic pseudocystic cavities that are seen in the long bones &(More)
The ameloblastic fibroma (AF) is an uncommon odontogenic tumor that may present an aggressive behavior and may have potential for malignant transformation. Ghost cell differentiation within AF is extremely rare. There are only seven cases in English literature in which ghost cells are found in AF but all these previously reported cases were associated with(More)
Ameloblastoma is an epithelial odontogenic tumor exhibiting diverse microscopic pattern that occurs singly or in combination with other patterns. This article describes a case of granular cell ameloblastoma (GCA) involving mandible in a 55-year-old male. The possibility of granular component is there in other odontogenic and nonodontogenic lesions.(More)
Plasma cell neoplasia is a lymphoid neoplastic proliferation of B cells and has been classified as multiple myeloma, solitary plasmacytoma, and extramedullary plasmacytoma. Extramedullary plasmacytoma is defined as neoplastic proliferation of plasma cells in the soft tissue. Extramedullary plasmacytoma of the head and neck is very uncommon tumors,(More)
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