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BACKGROUND Although cigarette smoking is an established risk factor for oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC), there is little information about the association between other smoking and smokeless tobacco products, including hookah and nass, and ESCC risk. We conducted a case-control study in Kashmir Valley, India, where hookah smoking, nass chewing,(More)
Background and Aims. Serum fibrosis biomarkers have shown good accuracy in the liver transplant (LT) population. We employed a simple serum biomarker to elucidate incidence and predictors of advanced fibrosis after LT over a long follow-up period. Methods. We included 440 consecutive patients who underwent LT between 1991 and 2013. Advanced liver fibrosis(More)
With almost everything now online, organizations look at the Big Data collected to gain insights for improving their services. In the analytics process, derivation of such insights requires experimenting-with and integrating different analytics techniques, while handling the Big Data high arrival velocity and large volumes. Existing solutions cover(More)
The Fourth Generation communication systems have speeds higher than those of 3G and have a more complicated architecture dedicated and defined for handling such voluminous data and to accommodate more users. The architecture also employs a specified protocol stack, software defined network along with their own security issues for wireless applications and(More)
— In the recent years, cloud computing has emerged as one of the hottest and revolutionizing trends in the field of information technology. Even as more and more people and organizations are migrating towards cloud computing, security issues posed by the cloud is a growing concern. In this paper, we propose a layered architecture to enhance the protection(More)
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