Aparna Bajpai

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BACKGROUND Few large and rigorous evaluations of participatory interventions systematically describe their context and implementation, or attempt to explain the mechanisms behind their impact. This study reports process evaluation data from the Ekjut cluster-randomised controlled trial of a participatory learning and action cycle with women's groups to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether a women's group intervention involving participatory learning and action has a sustainable and replicable effect on neonatal survival in rural, eastern India. METHODS From 2004 to 2011, births and neonatal deaths in 36 geographical clusters in Jharkhand and Odisha were monitored. Between 2005 and 2008, these clusters were(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal common mental disorders are prevalent in low-resource settings and have far-reaching consequences for maternal and child health. We assessed the prevalence and predictors of psychological distress as a proxy for common mental disorders among mothers in rural Jharkhand and Orissa, eastern India, where over 40% of the population live below(More)
BACKGROUND Around a quarter of the world's neonatal and maternal deaths occur in India. Morbidity and mortality are highest in rural areas and among the poorest wealth quintiles. Few interventions to improve maternal and newborn health outcomes with government-mandated community health workers have been rigorously evaluated at scale in this setting.The(More)
BACKGROUND A quarter of the world's neonatal deaths and 15% of maternal deaths happen in India. Few community-based strategies to improve maternal and newborn health have been tested through the country's government-approved Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs). We aimed to test the effect of participatory women's groups facilitated by ASHAs on birth(More)
Prasanta Tripathy (prasanta.ekjut@gmail.com) Nirmala Nair (nirmala.ekjut@gmail.com) Rajendra Mahapatra (rajendra.ekjut@gmail.com) Shibanand Rath (shibanand.ekjut@gmail.com) Raj Kumar Gope (rajkumar.ekjut@gmail.com) Suchitra Rath (suchitra.ekjut@gmail.com) Aparna Bajpai (aparna.ekjut@gmail.com) Vijay Bajpai (vijay.ekjut@gmail.com) Vikash Nath(More)
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