Aparecida de Cássia Rabetti

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Porulaca pilosa has been used in Brazil as a traditional remedy to cause diuresis, antipyresis and analgesia. Achyrocline satureioides has been used in folk medicine as antiinflammatory, hypoglycemic, sedative and to treat gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea and dysentery suggesting that it may affect salt and water reabsorption by the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficiency of the Family Health Strategy in actions related to hypertension. METHODS Evaluative, cross-sectional quantitative research based on secondary data of 66 small municipalities located in the state of Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil, with maximum potential coverage of 100% by the Family Health Strategy in 2007. Input(More)
The influence of glibenclamide (GBC), a blocker of ATP-sensitive K+ channels, on relaxation caused by cromakalim (CKL), acetylcholine (ACh) and iloprost (ILO) was assessed in aortic rings (AR) with (E+) or without endothelium (E-) and in the perfused arterial mesentery (MES) of the rat. In AR preconstricted with noradrenaline, CKL (0.03-10 microM) and ILO(More)
Avaliação das ações em hipertensão arterial sistêmica na atenção básica Evaluation of actions concerning systemic arterial hypertension in primary healthcare RESUMO OBJETIVO: Avaliar a efi ciência da Estratégia Saúde da Família nas ações relacionadas à hipertensão. RESULTADOS: Os municípios foram mais efi cientes na produção de serviços (37,8%) do que na(More)
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