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The purpose of this review article was to understand and analyze the scientific production related to the occurrence of perioperative hypothermia and the incidence of infection on the surgical site. For this purpose, a search was conducted in the databases LILACS, MEDLINE, PubMed, CINAHL and Cochrane, using the health science descriptors DECS, from 2004 to(More)
This retrospective study addressed the complications of primary lip and palate surgeries, and was carried out at Craniofacial Anomalies Rehabilitation Hospital at University of São Paulo. The present study aimed to identify the most frequent complications, as well as verifying the rela-tions between demographic variables and the complications observed. The(More)
The objective of this study was to identify the prevalent complications in the postanesthesia recovery room (PARR), and correlate nurses' work hours with the complications. The sample consisted of 400 records of patients older than 18 years, who had major and medium surgical procedures, admitted at the PARR unit, with a stay of at least one hour. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the efficiency of the Calatonia technique about clinical parameters and pain in the immediate post-surgical phase. METHOD A randomised study was carried out with 116 patients subjected to a cholecystectomy, by laparoscopy, divided into an experimental group (58 patients) and a placebo group (58 patients). The experimental group(More)
The man confronting surgery and anesthesia, has hormonal alterations provoked by the anxiety, modulated by the cognitive evaluation done in the person that faces this situation and were accompanied by perceptible physiologic alterations. The goals of this study were to verify the influence of trate-anxiety and state-anxiety in psychobiological manifestation(More)
The present study was undertaken after it was observed that patients submitted to surgical procedures arrived in recovery room with incomplete records, thus complicating continuing nursing care. The goal of the present study is to analyze bibliographic data from 1990 to 2002 on recovery room nursing care. The data was obtained from LILACS (Latin America(More)
The quality in patient assistance concern has been more constant than the high complexity of patient treatment needed in an anaesthetic recovery room. Thinking that is necessary to have assurance and efficiency in any evaluation, which has to consider all endocrine and metabolic variations resulting from patient surgical trauma, may be suggested the(More)
Objective To analyze the perception of nursing teams at a surgical center regarding the process of hospital accreditation, in the evaluative aspects of structure, process, and result. Method The study takes a quantitative and exploratory-descriptive approach, carried out at a university hospital. Result The population consisted of 69 nursing professionals,(More)
This is a quasi-experimental study performed using a short-term educational intervention involving nursing aides working in a Surgery Department, with the objective to identify the social and professional characteristics of the nursing aides, identify the differences in their knowledge regarding hypothermia following the educational intervention, and relate(More)
This study aims at characterizing the population analyzed regarding socio-demographic aspects, identifying the anxiety level of patients undergoing surgery and the most used coping strategies during the pre-operative period, as well as observing the relation between anxiety level and coping strategies over the same period. The population was comprised of 40(More)