Aous Thabit Naman

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We propose a novel paradigm for interactive video streaming and we coin the term JPEG2000-based scalable interactive video (JSIV) for it. JSIV utilizes JPEG2000 to independently compress the original video sequence frames and provide for quality and spatial resolution scalability. To exploit interframe redundancy, JSIV utilizes prediction and conditional(More)
A novel paradigm for optimized scalable video streaming is presented. The paradigm proposes transmission of motion vectors and selected code-blocks of the JPEG 2000 representation of each new frame, instead of frame differences as in existing methods. These code-blocks are selected to achieve the highest MSE. This paradigm overcomes the flexibility and(More)
In a recent work, the authors proposed a novel paradigm for interactive video streaming and coined the term JPEG2000-Based Scalable Interactive Video (JSIV) for it. In this work, we investigate JSIV when motion compensation is employed to improve prediction, something that was intentionally left out in our earlier treatment. JSIV relies on three concepts:(More)
This paper proposes a new method of calculating a matching metric for motion estimation. The proposed method splits the information in the source images into multiple scale and orientation subbands, reduces the subband values to a binary representation via an adaptive thresholding algorithm, and uses mutual information to model the similarity of(More)
We present a noniterative multiresolution motion estimation strategy, involving block-based comparisons in each detail band of a Laplacian pyramid. A novel matching score is developed and analyzed. The proposed matching score is based on a class of nonlinear transformations of Laplacian detail bands, yielding 1-bit or 2-bit representations. The matching(More)
In this paper, we propose the use of "motion hints" to produce interframe predictions. A motion hint is a loose and global description of motion that can be communicated using metadata; it describes a continuous and invertible motion model over multiple frames, spatially overlapping other motion hints. A motion hint provides a reasonably accurate(More)