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Recent progress in silicon nanophotonics has dramatically advanced the possible realization of large-scale on-chip optical interconnects integration. Adopting photons as information carriers can break the performance bottleneck of electronic integrated circuit such as serious thermal losses and poor process rates. However, in integrated photonics circuits,(More)
Photonic integrated circuits for photonic computing open up the possibility for the realization of ultrahigh-speed and ultra wide-band signal processing with compact size and low power consumption. Differential equations model and govern fundamental physical phenomena and engineering systems in virtually any field of science and engineering, such as(More)
On-chip photonic circuits of different specific functions are highly desirable and becoming significant demands in all-optical communication network. Especially, the function to control the transmission directions of the optical signals in integrated circuits is a fundamental research. Previous schemes, such as on-chip optical circulators, are mostly(More)
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