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A new theory is presented for calculating the Helmholtz free energy based on the potential energy distribution function. The usual expressions of free energy, internal energy and entropy involving the partition function are rephrased in terms of the potential energy distribution function, which must be a near Gaussian one, according to the central limit(More)
In this article we present an equation of state for uids, based on the quasi-Gaussian entropy theory. The temperature dependence along iso-chores is described by a connned Gamma state, previously introduced, combined with a simple perturbation term. The eleven parameters occurring in the free energy and pressure expressions along the isochores are obtained(More)
We present near-infrared J,H, and K-band time series observations of the Galactic Globular Cluster (GGC) M92. On the basis of these data, we derived well-sampled light curves for eleven out of the seventeen cluster RR Lyrae variables , and in turn, accurate mean near-infrared (NIR) magnitudes. The comparison between predicted and empirical slopes of NIR(More)
The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (Xinjiang) is located near the western border of China. Xinjiang has a high frequency of dust storms, especially in late winter and early spring. Geostationary satellite remote sensing offers an ideal way to monitor the regional distribution and intensity of dust storms, which can impact the regional climate. In this(More)
Table 2: Percent a b o ve optimum of Elmore delay to a single critical sink and wire length for three Steiner tree constructions cost comparison is with 1-Steiner. Averages were taken over 200 random nets for each net size. 4.2 Elmore-Optimality of Generic" SERT Algorithm The counterexample in Section 3.3 showing that BB-SORT is not always optimal was(More)