Aoife MacMahon

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It has been previously reported that a substantial proportion of newly referred neurology out-patients have symptoms that are considered by the assessing neurologist as unexplained by 'organic disease'. There has however been much controversy about how often such patients subsequently develop a disease diagnosis that, with hindsight, would have explained(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is a known risk factor for the development of adult acquired flatfoot deformity (AAFD), but obesity's effects on outcomes following AAFD reconstruction are unknown. We hypothesized that obesity would negatively impact outcomes following joint-preserving stage II AAFD reconstruction. METHODS This retrospective study compared the outcomes(More)
BACKGROUND The modified Lapidus procedure has successfully relieved pain and corrected deformity in patients with hallux valgus, but its effect on participation in specific sports and physical activities remains unclear. Our goals were to assess sports and physical activities in young patients following the modified Lapidus procedure and to compare these(More)
BACKGROUND Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a known complication of lateralizing calcaneal osteotomy. A Malerba Z-type osteotomy may preserve more tarsal tunnel volume (TTV) and decrease risk of neurovascular injury. We investigated 2 effects on the tarsal tunnel of the Malerba osteotomy compared to a standard lateralizing osteotomy using a cadaveric model: (1)(More)
BACKGROUND Few authors have investigated patients' expectations from foot and ankle surgery. In this study, we aimed to examine relationships between patients' preoperative expectations and their demographic and clinical characteristics. We hypothesized that patients with more disability and those with anxiety or depressive symptoms would have greater(More)
Intraoperative pedobarography has the potential to aid surgical decisions, but no parameters exist to guide its use. This study compared supine plantar pressures between flatfoot patients and controls using a previously validated intraoperative pedobarographic device and examined associations between supine, walking, and standing plantar pressures. Ten(More)
BACKGROUND Many authors have reported on patient satisfaction from foot and ankle surgery, but rarely on expectations, which may vary widely between patients and strongly affect satisfaction. In this study, we aimed to develop a patient-derived survey on expectations from foot and ankle surgery. METHODS We developed and tested our survey using a 3-phase(More)
BACKGROUND Limited-open and percutaneous Achilles tendon (AT) repair techniques have limited visibility, which may result in sural nerve violation and poor tendon targeting. The goal of this study was to assess the in vivo rotation of the AT and its distance to the sural nerve in ruptured and nonruptured ATs to develop guidelines to aid in limited-open and(More)
BACKGROUND Research regarding outcomes in sports and physical activities after primary partial arthrodesis for Lisfranc injuries has been sparse. The purposes of this study were to assess various sports and physical activities in young patients following primary partial arthrodesis for Lisfranc injuries and to compare these with clinical outcomes. METHODS(More)