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As a proficient golf swing is a key element of success in golf, many golfers make significant effort improving their stroke mechanics. In order to help enhance golfing performance, it is important to identify the performance determining factors within the full golf swing. In addition, explicit instructions on specific features in stroke technique requiring(More)
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Objective metrics of engagement are valuable for estimating user experience or progression through interactional narratives. Postural micromovements of seated individuals during computer engagement have been previously measured with magnetic field sensors and chair-mounted force matrix detection mats. Here we compare readings from a head-mounted(More)
Discrete, three-minute, computer-presented stimuli (designed to range from engaging to incredibly boring) were used to elicit changes in cognitive/emotional states in seated, healthy volunteers. These stimuli did not require the use of a mouse, so movements were assumed to be non- instrumental. Stimuli included films, games, quizzes and music. Motion(More)
Most previous research on golf swing mechanics has focused on the driver club. The aim of this study was to identify the kinematic factors that contribute to greater hitting distance when using the 5 iron club. Three-dimensional marker coordinate data were collected (250 Hz) to calculate joint kinematics at eight key swing events, while a swing analyser(More)
" Sounding Brighton " is a collaborative project exploring practical approaches towards better soundscapes focusing on soundscape issues related to health, quality of life and restorative functions of the environment. The project is part of a citywide engagement process working to provide opportunities to demonstrate how an applied soundscape approach(More)
Boredom and disengagement metrics are key to accurately timed adaptive interventions in interactive systems. Psychological research suggests that boredom is a composite state incorporating cycles of lethargy and restlessness. Here we present innovative metrics of the components of boredom, based on motion capture and video analysis of head and shoulder(More)
Chockalingam (2016) Effects of footwear variations on three-dimensional kinematics and tibial accelerations of specific movements in American football. in press. Mathematical Medicine and Biology. (2016) A comparison of patient-reported outcome measures following different treatment approaches for adolescents with severe idiopathic scoliosis: A systematic(More)
BACKGROUND Relatively little is known about spine during gait compared to movement analysis of the lower extremities. The trunk is often regarded and analysed as a single rigid segment and there is a paucity of information on inter-segmental movement within the spine and its relationship to pelvis and lower limbs. OBJECTIVES To develop and validate a new(More)