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Plantar pressure measurements are regularly utilised while assessing patients with in-shoe systems allowing for discrete assessment. In the present study a new portable system capable of continuous monitoring of plantar pressure is assessed for its repeatability when compared to another commercially available and widely used system.
OBJECTIVES To determine if there are changes in temporal gait parameters with a focus on pelvis when comparing overground and treadmill ambulation, and to assess the effect of sex. DESIGN An observational study employing motion analysis techniques to evaluate pelvic movement during gait. SETTING University biomechanics laboratory. PARTICIPANTS Men(More)
AIM Footwear interventions are used within clinical practice in an effort to reduce ulcerations however the effectiveness of these interventions is unclear. The aim of this paper was to conduct a systematic review which examined the effectiveness of footwear as an intervention for prevention of diabetic foot ulcers or the reduction of biomechanical risk(More)
“Sounding Brighton” is a collaborative project exploring practical approaches towards better soundscapes focusing on soundscape issues related to health, quality of life and restorative functions of the environment. The project is part of a citywide engagement process working to provide opportunities to demonstrate how an applied soundscape approach might:(More)
AIM To conduct a systematic review which examined the effectiveness of footwear and other removable off-loading devices as interventions for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers or the alteration of biomechanical factors associated with ulcer healing and to discuss the quality and interpret the findings of research to date. METHODS The CINAHL, Medline(More)
As a proficient golf swing is a key element of success in golf, many golfers make significant effort improving their stroke mechanics. In order to help enhance golfing performance, it is important to identify the performance determining factors within the full golf swing. In addition, explicit instructions on specific features in stroke technique requiring(More)
Previous research into the quantification of embodied intellectual and emotional engagement using non-verbal movement parameters has not yielded consistent results across different studies. Our research introduces NIMI (Non-Instrumental Movement Inhibition) as an alternative parameter. We propose that the absence of certain types of possible movements can(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to evaluate the differences in ankle muscle strength using hand-held dynamometry and to assess difference in the isometric muscle force distribution between the people with diabetes and control participants. METHODS The maximal muscle strength of ankle plantarflexion, dorsiflexion, eversion, inversion, lesser toes flexors and(More)
Objective metrics of engagement are valuable for estimating user experience or progression through interactional narratives. Postural micromovements of seated individuals during computer engagement have been previously measured with magnetic field sensors and chair-mounted force matrix detection mats. Here we compare readings from a head-mounted(More)
BACKGROUND Currently there is a paucity of research providing recommendations on the type of orthotic or material used in its construction for different patient requirements. OBJECTIVES To gain a greater understanding of the characteristics of orthotic materials and how they affect gait so to enhance the clinical decision-making process. STUDY DESIGN(More)