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—One of the most promising approaches for complex technical systems analysis employs ensemble methods of classification. Ensemble methods enable to build a reliable decision rules for feature space classification in the presence of many possible states of the system. In this paper, novel techniques based on decision trees are used for evaluation of the(More)
Concept drift has potential in smart grid analysis because the socioeconomic behaviour of consumers is not governed by the laws of physics. Likewise there are also applications in wind power forecasting. In this paper we present decision tree ensemble classification method based on the Random Forest algorithm for concept drift. The weighted majority voting(More)
—Development of reliable methods for optimised energy storage and generation is one of the most imminent challenges in moder power systems. In this paper an adaptive approach to load leveling problem using novel dynamic models based on the Volterra integral equations of the first kind with piecewise continuous kernels. These integral equations efficiently(More)
Electric vehicles provide an opportunity to reduce fossil fuel consumptions and to decrease the emissions of green-house gas and air pollutants from the transport sector. The adoption of a large number of plug-in electric vehicles however imposes significant impacts on the power system operation due to uncertain charging and discharging patterns. In this(More)
Electric vehicles are a key prospect for future transportation. A large penetration of electric vehicles has the potential to reduce the global fossil fuel consumption and hence the greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. However, the additional stochastic loads imposed by plug-in electric vehicles will possibly introduce significant changes to existing(More)
The adaptability of this text to the teaching of physics in the accelerated program is evidenced by many new adoptions. Written in a fluent manner, the book arouses and maintains the student's interest and develops the scientific method of reasoning. Widely adopted, this well known text provides the material for a thorough college course. The applications(More)