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Loss of one type of sensory input can cause improved functionality of other sensory systems. Whereas this form of plasticity, cross-modal plasticity, is well established, the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying it are still unclear. Here, we show that visual deprivation (VD) increases extracellular serotonin in the juvenile rat barrel cortex. This(More)
Collapsin response mediator protein 1 (CRMP1) is one of the CRMP family members that are involved in various aspects of neuronal development such as axonal guidance and neuronal migration. Here we provide evidence that crmp1 (-/-) mice exhibited behavioral abnormalities related to schizophrenia. The crmp1 (-/-) mice exhibited hyperactivity and/or impaired(More)
  • A Takahashi
  • 1998
This report concerns with the recognition memory and the confidence rating. The hit ratio was correlated to the confidence ratings, while the correct rejection (CR) ratio was not correlated tot he confidence ratings. Especially, in case of short presentation of target items, negative coefficient was observed between CR and its confidence rating. This is(More)
This paper presents a new type of clustering algorithm by using cosine correlation and a tolerance vector. We aim to handle uncertain data with some range or missing values with the typical clustering algorithm of fuzzy c-means with cosine correlation (FCM-C). To handle such data, we introduce the concept of tolerance into the above FCM-C, and construct a(More)
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