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The recent discovery that the potent carcinogen acrylamide (AA) is present in a variety of fried and baked foods raises health concerns, particularly for children, because AA is relatively high in child-favoured foods such as potato chips and French fries. To compare the susceptibility to AA-induced genotoxicity of young versus adult animals, we treated 3-(More)
The Mouse Lymphoma Expert Workgroup of the International Workshop for Genotoxicity Tests (IWGT) met in Basel, Switzerland in August of 2009. The Workgroup (WG) was tasked with discussing the appropriate top concentration for non-pharmaceuticals that would be required for the conduct of the mouse lymphoma assay (MLA) when sufficient cytotoxicity [to between(More)
We report a novel bioluminescent protein-protein interaction (PPI) assay, which is based on the functional complementation of two mutant firefly luciferases (Fluc). The chemical reaction catalyzed by Fluc is divided into two half reactions of ATP-driven luciferin adenylation and subsequent oxidative reactions. In the former adenylation half-reaction, a(More)
The comet assay has been widely used as a genotoxicity test for detecting primary DNA damage in individual cells. The micronucleus (MN) test is also a well-established assay for detecting clastogenicity and aneugenicity. A combination of the comet assay (COM) and MN test is capable of detecting a variety of genotoxic potentials as an in vitro screening(More)
To determine the HLA-DRB1 04 and HLA-DQB1 03 variants associated with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) among Russians who live in West Siberia, we studied patients with RA using the polymerase chain reaction and dot-blot hybridization with oligonucleotide probes. A significant increase was seen only for DRB1 0404/08, although the predominant variant in DR4+ RA(More)
The allelic HLA-DRB1 04 and HLA-DQB1 03 polymorphism in caucasians living among the West Siberia Mongoloid aborigenes was studied. As a result of our studies, it was shown that the HLA-DRB1 0403/07 predominates and HLA-DRB1 0404/08 is absent in the Russian population of West Siberia, in contrast to those among Caucasians living in West Europe and North(More)
The present study was conducted to evaluate the suitability of a repeated-dose liver micronucleus (LMN) assay in young adult rats as a collaborative study by the Mammalian mutagenicity study (MMS) group. All procedures were performed in accordance with the standard protocols of the MMS Group. Six-week-old male Crl:CD(SD) rats (5 animals/group) received oral(More)
We examined the effect of acylcarnitines on the in situ bioavailability of lucifer yellow (LY) from the loops of small and large intestines of rats. The area under the blood concentration of LY versus time curve (AUC) from the jejunum was significantly increased by the treatments of the loop with 100 µM lauroylcarnitine (LC) or 100 µM palmitoylcarnitine(More)
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