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As a reversible and dynamic post-translational modification (PTM) of proteins, phosphorylation plays essential regulatory roles in a broad spectrum of the biological processes. Although many studies have been contributed on the molecular mechanism of phosphorylation dynamics, the intrinsic feature of substrates specificity is still elusive and remains to be(More)
Subcellular location of a protein is one of the key functional characters as proteins must be localized correctly at the subcellular level to have normal biological function. In this paper, a novel method named LOCSVMPSI has been introduced, which is based on the support vector machine (SVM) and the position-specific scoring matrix generated from profiles(More)
Artesunate (ART), a semi-synthetic derivative of artemisinin extracted from the Chinese herb Artemisia annua, is a safe and effective antimalarial drug. In the present investigation, we analyzed the inhibitory effects of ART on angiogenesis and on VEGF production in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) K562 cells in vitro and in vivo. In order to analyze the(More)
There is an increasing interest in using single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping arrays for profiling chromosomal rearrangements in tumors, as they allow simultaneous detection of copy number and loss of heterozygosity with high resolution. Critical issues such as signal baseline shift due to aneuploidy, normal cell contamination, and the presence(More)
Gene expression profiling has become a useful biological resource in recent years, and it plays an important role in a broad range of areas in biology. The raw gene expression data, usually in the form of large matrix, may contain missing values. The downstream analysis methods that postulate complete matrix input are thus not applicable. Several methods(More)
Over 200 published studies of more than 30 plant species have reported a role for miRNAs in regulating responses to abiotic stresses. However, data from these individual reports has not been collected into a single database. The lack of a curated database of stress-related miRNAs limits research in this field, and thus a cohesive database system should(More)
Organic/inorganic, hybrid, multifunctional, material-based platforms combine the merits of diverse functionalities of inorganic nanoparticles and the excellent biocompatibility of organic systems. In this work, superparamagnetic poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) microcapsules (Fe(3)O(4)/PLGA) have been developed, as a proof-of-concept, for the(More)
MOTIVATION Whole-genome sequencing of tumor samples has been demonstrated as an efficient approach for comprehensive analysis of genomic aberrations in cancer genome. Critical issues such as tumor impurity and aneuploidy, GC-content and mappability bias have been reported to complicate identification of copy number alteration and loss of heterozygosity in(More)
Dihydroartemisinin (DHA), a water-soluble active metabolite of artemisinin derivatives, is the safest and most effective antimalarial analog of artemisinin. In the present investigation, we assessed the apoptotic effect of DHA on leukemia HL60 cells and its regulation of transferrin receptor (TfR). Cell growth inhibition was assessed by Trypan blue(More)
Bone marrow stromal cells (MSCs) can be differentiated into neuronal and glial-like cell types under appropriate experimental conditions. However, previously reported methods are complicated and involve the use of toxic reagents. Here, we present a simplified and nontoxic method for efficient conversion of rat MSCs into neurospheres that express the(More)