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The vertical distribution of plant elements (e.g., foliage and wood) within a forest can yield important information on stand structure, dynamics and growth stage but such information is often difficult to acquire across landscapes using traditional methods of field survey and aerial photograph interpretation. Recent advances in airborne laser scanning(More)
The physics of interacting integer-spin chains has been a topic of intense theoretical interest, particularly in the context of symmetry-protected topological phases. However, there has not been a controllable model system to study this physics experimentally. We demonstrate how spin-dependent forces on trapped ions can be used to engineer an effective(More)
Various manufacturing techniques exist to produce double-curvature shells, including injection, rotational and blow molding, as well as dip coating. However, these industrial processes are typically geared for mass production and are not directly applicable to laboratory research settings, where adaptable, inexpensive and predictable prototyping tools are(More)
In this study, an artificial neural network (ANN) model is developed to predict the stability number of breakwater armor stones based on the experimental data reported by Van der Meer in 1988. The harmony search (HS) algorithm is used to determine the near-global optimal initial weights in the training of the model. The stratified sampling is used to sample(More)
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