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Pre-inflationary universe in loop quantum cosmology
The evolutions of the flat FLRW universe and its linear perturbations are studied systematically in the dressed metric approach of LQC. When it is dominated by the kinetic energy of the inflaton atExpand
Towards Cosmological Dynamics from Loop Quantum Gravity
We present a systematic study of the cosmological dynamics resulting from an effective Hamiltonian, recently derived in loop quantum gravity (LQG) using Thiemann's regularization and earlier obtainedExpand
LETTER: Generalized Vaidya Solutions
A large family of solutions, representing, ingeneral, spherically symmetric Type II fluid, ispresented, which includes most of the known solutions tothe Einstein field equations, such as, theExpand
Hořava gravity at a Lifshitz point: A progress report
Hořava’s quantum gravity at a Lifshitz point is a theory intended to quantize gravity by using traditional quantum field theories. To avoid Ostrogradsky’s ghosts, a problem that has been facing inExpand
Born-Infeld black holes in (A)dS spaces
We study some exact solutions in a D(greater than or equal to4)-dimensional Einstein-Born-Infeld theory with a cosmological constant. These solutions are asymptotically de Sitter or anti-de Sitter,Expand
Thick de Sitter 3-branes, dynamic black holes, and localization of gravity
The embedding of a thick de Sitter 3-brane into a five-dimensional bulk is studied, assuming a scalar field with a potential is present in the bulk. A class of solutions is found in closed form thatExpand
Black hole formation from collapsing dust fluid in a background of dark energy
The gravitational collapse of a spherically symmetric star, made of a dust fluid, rho(DM), in a background of dark energy, p=w rho (w <-1/3) is studied. It is found that when only dark energy isExpand
Friedmann equations and thermodynamics of apparent horizons.
It is shown that the first law of thermodynamics of the apparent horizon dE=T (A)dS(A) can be derived from the Friedmann equation in various theories of gravity, including the Einstein, Lovelock, nonlinear, and scalar-tensor theories. Expand
Constraints on Einstein-aether theory after GW170817
In this paper, we carry out a systematic analysis of the theoretical and observational constraints on the dimensionless coupling constants $c_i$ ($i=1,2,3,4$) of the Einstein-aether theory, takingExpand
Cosmology with interaction between phantom dark energy and dark matter and the coincidence problem
We study a cosmological model in which phantom dark energy is coupled to dark matter by phenomenologically introducing a coupled term to the equations of motion of dark energy and dark matter. ThisExpand