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Previous studies with different experimental methods have demonstrated that photosynthesis significantly influences soil respiration (RS). To compare the experimental results of different methods, RS after girdling and defoliation was measured in five-year-old seedlings of Fraxinus mandshurica from June to September. Girdling and defoliation significantly(More)
Forest evapotranspiration is one of the main components in the regional water budget. A comparison between measured and estimated eddy covariance (EC) data, considering the Katerji–Perrier (KP), Todorovic (TD) and Priestley–Taylor (PT) actual evapotranspiration methods, was carried out. These models, relying on more easily obtainable data, are valuable when(More)
Satellite-based precipitation data have contributed greatly to quantitatively forecasting precipitation, and provides a potential alternative source for precipitation data allowing researchers to better understand patterns of precipitation over ungauged basins. However, the absence of calibration satellite data creates considerable uncertainties for The(More)
Balancing forest harvesting and restoration is critical for forest ecosystem management. In this study, we used LANDIS, a spatially explicit forest landscape model, to evaluate the effects of 21 alternative forest management initiatives which were drafted for forests in the upstream region of the Hun River in northeastern China. These management initiatives(More)
Automatic detection of salient objects in images has gained its popularity in computer vision field for its usage in numerous vision tasks in recent years. Depth information plays an important role in the human vision system while it is underutilized in most existing two-dimensional (2-D) saliency detection methods. In this letter, a multistage salient(More)
In forest ecosystems, the onset of spring photosynthesis may have an important influence on the annual carbon balance. However, triggers for the onset of photosynthesis have yet to be clearly identified, especially for temperate evergreen conifers. The effects of climatic factors on recovery of photosynthetic capacity in a Korean pine forest were(More)
Based on the gradient measurement of microclimate factors, radiation and soil heat flux from late May to early October, 2001 and by the method of Bowen ratio-energy balance (BREB), this paper estimated the latent heat and sensible heat above the broadleaved Korean pine forest in Changbai Mountains. The energy storage of forest air and vegetative was(More)
Based on the conventional observed meteorological data during 1989 approximately 2000, a distributed model was employed to simulate the temporal and spatial distribution of the potential and actual evapotranspiration in the upper Zagunao watershed of Sichuan Province. Grids of 500 m and step of 1 d were used to describe the spatial and temporal(More)
Based on the localized near field (LNF) theory and coupled with the distribution of vertical velocity standard deviation (sigma(w)(z)) and Lagrangian integral time scales (T(L)(z)) within the canopy proposed by Raupach, the relationship between water vapor source/sink distribution and its mean concentration profile was constructed. The estimation of forest(More)
In this paper, the Et of broad-leaved Korean pine forest on Changbai Mountain was determined by water balance method, and calculated by Bowen ratio-energy balance (BREB) method in July, August and September, 2001. The total Et was 288.18 mm and 214.94 mm, respectively, and the daily average Et in each month was gained, while the rainfall is 301.9 mm.(More)