Anya Sotiropoulou

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In the past years, a number of implementations of temporal DBMSs has been reported. Most of these implementations share a common feature, which is that they have been built as an extension to a snapshot DBMS. In this paper, we present three alternative design approaches that can be used for extending a snapshot DBMS to support temporal data, and evaluate(More)
Delivering e-content as a service to end users involves addressing various cross-cutting aspects, including the heterogeneity of source and data, user needs, business rules as well as the evolution of the content itself. Catering for these aspects when modeling information systems calls for an architecture that accommodates evolution through separation of(More)
Clinical trials are processes that produce large volumes of complex data, with inherent temporal requirements, since the state of patients evolves during the trials, and the data acquisition phase itself needs to be monitored. Additionally, since the requirements for all clinical trials have a significant common portion, it is desirable to capture these(More)
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