Anwit Roy

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The theoretical analysis of evolutionary algorithms is believed to be very important for understanding their internal search mechanism and thus to develop more efficient algorithms. This paper presents a simple mathematical analysis of the explorative search behavior of a recently developed metaheuristic algorithm called harmony search (HS). HS is a(More)
This paper presents a simple mathematical analysis of some features of the Harmony Search algorithm (HS). HS is a recently developed derivative-free optimization algorithm, which draws inspiration from the musical process of searching for a perfect state of harmony. This work analyses the evolution of the population-variance over successive generations in(More)
The proportion of captivated Indian short-nosed fruit bats, Cynopterus sphinx, approaching fruits within a specified duration and the fruit-approaching latency were recorded under various test conditions (involving variations in the olfactory and certain aspects of the physical environment, and the time of food presentation). While alterations in the(More)
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