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This paper devotes to analyzing deconvolution algorithms based on wavelet frame approaches, which has already appeared in [6,8,9] as wavelet frame based high resolution image reconstruction methods. We first give a complete formulation of deconvolution in terms of multiresolution analysis and its approximation, which completes the formulation given in(More)
We introduce a new approach for narrow band array imaging of localized scatterers from intensity-only measurements by considering the possibility of reconstructing the positions and reflectivities of the scatterers exactly from only partial knowledge of the array data, since we assume that phase information is not available. We reformulate this(More)
We study active array imaging of small but strong scatterers in homogeneous media when multiple scattering between them is important. We use the Foldy-Lax equations to model wave propagation with multiple scattering when the scatterers are small relative to the wavelength. In active array imaging we seek to locate the positions and reflectivities of the(More)
Abstract. We present a comprehensive study of the resolution and stability properties of sparse promoting optimization theories applied to narrow band array imaging of localized scatterers. We consider homogeneous and heterogeneous media, and multiple and single scattering situations. When the media is homogeneous with strong multiple scattering between(More)
Classic asset pricing theory assumes prices will eventually adjust to and reflect the fair value, the route and speed of transition is not specified. Market Microstructure studies how prices adjust to reflect new information. Recent years have seen the widely available high frequency data enabled by the rapid advance in information technology. Using high(More)
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