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With the increasing life expectancy, osteoporosis is becoming a major worldwide health problem. The magnitude of the disease may become larger in developing countries, more particularly in the Middle East region where the prevalence of low bone mass is higher than in western countries. Although several local organizations and countries have developed(More)
Examining species boundaries using data from multiple independent sources is an appropriate and robust method to identify genetically isolated evolutionary units. We used 5 data sets—cytochrome b (Cytb), cytochrome c oxidase (COI), amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLPs), karyotypes, and morphology—to estimate phylogenetic relationships and species(More)
aBstract A three-week field survey was conducted to sample bat species diversity in Malaysia. The survey sampled five localities during August 2006, including one in Peninsular Malaysia and four in Borneo. A total of 259 specimens representing at least 50 species were recorded. Three sampling nights were spent at each locality; four harp traps and 15 mist(More)
Abate, R. S. 2009. Marine protected areas as a mechanism to promote marine mammal conservation: International and comparative law lessons for the United States. Population structure of melon-headed whales (Peponocephala electra) in the Hawaiian Archipelago: Evidence of multiple populations based on photo identification.
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