Anwar Shahzad Siddiqui

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Distribution system provides a final link between the high voltage transmission system and the consumers.To improve the overall efficiency of power system, the performance of distribution system must be improved. An important method of controlling bus voltage is by shunt capacitor banks at the buses at both transmission and distribution levels along lines(More)
This paper presents a framework to carry out an novel method based Optimal Power Flow (OPF) for transmission congestion management in deregulated power system using Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) and Generation Rescheduling. In the deregulated environment, some generators may not be willing to participate in the congestion management process(More)
This research paper discuss the application of Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) which provides advance monitoring and recording of any faults or disturbances on any grid. It also presents the idea of PMU as essential component for the Smart Grid to be a reality. The importance of PMU can be realized when discrete records of events are captured simultaneously(More)
This paper presents a strategy to evaluate the financial transmission rights (FTRs) bids of the electricity market participants using locational marginal price (LMP) technique and serve as an important instrument for hedging the risk of congestion charges. In deregulated electricity markets, FTRs are allocated through the process of auction to reduce the(More)
Electric power system is exceptionally complex as far as its managing, construction and operation is concerned. In addition ever increase of electric power demand is making a process of managing, monitoring and controlling of electric power system more challenging day by day. Due to increased power demand congestion takes place in some of the lines. To(More)
For the efficient transmission of power from power plants to consumer loads, the power losses are reduced in modern power system. In order to reduce such losses, a recently evolved FACTS technology is used. In this paper, Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) is selected to enhance the loadability in the transmission line. To improve the maximum(More)