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Phylogeography and demographic history of Zamia paucijuga Wieland (Zamiaceae), a cycad species from the Mexican Pacific slope
The results imply that the average genetic diversity in Z. paucijuga is lower in comparison with other cycad species, but relatively higher than the diversity found in conifers. Expand
Evolution of Ceratozamia cycads: A proximate-ultimate approach.
To elucidate the evolution of Ceratozamia, genetic and phenotypic sources were used as empirical data and punctuated evolution models were those that best explained the patterns of speciation throughout the phylogenetic history of the lineages encompassed in the genus CeratoZamia. Expand
A revision of the Ceratozamia miqueliana (Zamiaceae) species complex based on analyses of leaflet anatomical characters
The anatomical trait variation presented in this study agrees with a recent molecular phylogenetic study, clears up doubts on species relationships in the C. miqueliana complex, and validates the taxonomic recognition of C. becerrae. Expand
Morphometric and geographical variation in the Ceratozamia mexicana Brongn. (Zamiaceae) complex: evolutionary and taxonomic implications
This research evaluated population-level morphological variation (i.e. phenotype) in related plants of Ceratozamia that share geological and ecological units, seeking a refined taxonomic assessment of their populations in an explicitly evolutionary context. Expand