Anwar M Jardine

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The synthesis and characterization of low-generation pyridylimine Rh(I) metallodendrimers is described. These metallodendrimers were obtained via a Schiff base condensation of tris-2-(aminoethyl)amine with 2-pyridinecarboxaldehyde to afford the tris-2-(2-pyridylimine ethyl) amine ligand (1). Subsequent complexation reactions with [RhCl(CO)(2)](2) and(More)
Recently, 3',5'-pyrophosphate-linked 2'-deoxyribodinucleotides were shown to be >100-fold more effective inhibitors of RNase A superfamily enzymes than were the corresponding monophosphate-linked (i.e., standard) dinucleotides. Here, we have investigated two ribo analogues of these compounds, cytidine 3'-pyrophosphate (P'-->5') adenosine (CppA) and uridine(More)
Human angiogenin (Ang) is an unusual homolog of bovine pancreatic RNase A that utilizes its ribonucleolytic activity to induce the formation of new blood vessels. The pyrimidine-binding site of Ang was shown previously to be blocked by glutamine 117, indicating that Ang must undergo a conformational change to bind and cleave RNA. The mechanism and nature of(More)
The most potent low molecular weight inhibitors of pancreatic RNase superfamily enzymes reported to date are synthetic derivatives of adenosine 5(')-pyrophosphate. Here we have investigated the effects of six natural nucleotides that also incorporate this moiety (NADP(+), NADPH, ATP, Ap(3)A, Ap(4)A, and Ap(5)A) on the activities of RNase A and two of its(More)
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