Anwar Hasni Abu Hassan

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Two performance (efficacy and attractiveness) comparisons of neonicotinoid baits QuickBayt® (imidacloprid) and Agita® (thiamethoxam) against filth flies were conducted under field conditions to determine suitability for use outdoors. The first experiment compared bait performance and the second compared effects of different applications on QuickBayt®(More)
The three dimensional information about the environment is essential for robot movement and object inspection in robotic applications. One method of obtaining depth information is by using a stereo vision system. In this paper, a pair of camera is used as stereo vision module to find the depth of the object. The stereo matching algorithm that involved image(More)
A new method in correspondence problem for two cameras stereo vision system is proposed in this paper. Reduction noise effect and computation time are the core of our investigation. In direction to reduce noise we transfer two left and right images to two correspondence vectors. The transferred vectors then construct a 2ç2 matrix. The algorithm is(More)
Larvae of the Synthesiomyia nudiseta (Wulp) were collected from a decomposed human corpse at the Department of Forensic Medicine, Penang Hospital. A colony of this species was established and the eggs were collected for rearing. The developmental times, rearing temperatures, and relative humidity were recorded twice daily from the time the eggs collected(More)
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