Anwar H. Joarder

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The distribution of the linear combination of two chi-square variables is known if the variables are independent. In this paper, we derive the distribution of positive linear combination of two chi-square variables when they are correlated through a bivariate chi-square distribution. Some properties of the distribution, namely, the characteristic function,(More)
In this paper, the problem of estimating the precision matrix of a multivariate Pearson type II-model is considered. A new class of estimators is proposed. Moreover, the risk functions of the usual and the proposed estimators are explicitly derived. It is shown that the proposed estimator dominates the MLE and the unbiased estimator, under the quadratic(More)
In this paper, we derive the recurrence relations for the moments of function of single and two order statistics from Lindley distribution. We also consider the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) of the parameter of the distribution based on multiply type-II censoring. The maximum likelihood estimator is comupted numerically because it does not have an(More)
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