Anwar A. Elsayed

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In the present study, the alteration in the sleep EEG in rats due to chronic exposure to low-level non-thermal electromagnetic radiation was investigated. Two types of radiation fields were used; 900 MHz unmodulated wave and 900 MHz modulated at 8 and 16 Hz waves. Animals has exposed to radiation fields for 1 month (1 h/day). EEG power spectral analyses of(More)
Electrical activity recording from the brains of awake animals is a corner stone in the study of the neurophysiological basis of behavior. To meet this need, a microelectrode driver suitable for the animal of interest has to be developed. In the present study a miniature microdrive was developed specifically for the leopard toad, Bufo regularis, however, it(More)
Massive hematoma of the corpus callosum caused by blunt head trauma is an extremely rare lesion. Most frequent traumatic lesions involve the corpus callosum are diffuse axonal injuries. They might be associated with small hemorrhagic foci in the hemispheric and brain stem white matter, intraventricular hemorrhages, subarachnoid hemorrhages, traumatic(More)
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