Anvarjon Ahmedov

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In this paper the localization properties of the spectral expansions of distributions related to the self adjoint extension of the Schrodinger operator are investigated. Spectral decompositions of the distributions and some classes of distributions are defined. Estimations for Riesz means of the spectral decompositions of the distributions in the norm of(More)
In this work, we present a computational method for solving double and triple integrals with variable limits of integrations which is based on Haar wavelets. This approach is the generalization and improvement of the methods [3]. The advantage of this new methods is its more efficient and simple applicability than the previous methods. Error analysis for(More)
Single-spin asymmetry appears due to the interference of single and double gluon exchange between protons. A heavy fermion model is used to describe the jet production in the interaction of gluon with the proton implying the further averaging over its mass. As usually in one-spin correlations, the imaginary part of the double gluon exchange amplitude play(More)
Q ( f , x, y, c) = ∫ y x ρ(t)K(t, c)f (t) dt, −1 ≤ x, y ≤ 1, −1 < c < 1, where ρ(t) = 1/ √ 1 − t2, K(t, c) = 1/(t−c) and f (t) is assumed to be a smooth function. In constructing an automatic quadrature scheme,we consider two cases: (1)−1 < x < y < 1, and (2) x = −1, y = 1. In both cases the density function f (t) is replaced by the truncated Chebyshev(More)