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Nowadays, fingerprinting based Wi-Fi positioning systems successfully provide location information to mobile users. Main idea behind fingerprinting is to build signal strength database of target area prior to location estimation. This process is called calibration. Indoor positioning system accuracy highly depends on calibration (sampling) intensity. This(More)
In many scenarios of everyday life and especially in warehousing, manufacturing and logistics, it is highly desirable to locate objects or persons quickly and accurately. Nowadays, fingerprinting based Wi-Fi positioning system provides enterprises the ability to track their various resources more efficiently and effectively. Main idea behind fingerprinting(More)
FromDelphinium corumbosum Rgl. have been isolated methyllycaconitine, a new base which has been called delcorine, and a base with mp 93–95°C. On the basis of its chemical and spectral characteristics, a lycoctonine skeleton has been established for delcorine with α-hydroxy groups at C1 and C10, a β-hydroxy group at C6, a methylenedioxy group at C7 and C8, a(More)
The mass-spectral properties of 21 lycoctonine bases with 1-methyoxy-7,8-methyl-enedioxy groups have been studied and generalized. An influence of a methyl-enedioxy group of the nature of the substituents at C-6 and C-10, and of a Δ10(12) bond on the fragmentation of the alkaloids and their derivatives has been found.
The IR spectrum of (I) shows absorption bands at (cm -~) 3475 (hydroxy groups), 1695 (ester grouping), 1595 (aromatic ring) and Ii00 (ether C-O bonds). The NMR spectrum of delectine has signals due to a N-ethyl group (three-proton triplet at 1.02 ppm), to three methoxy groups (three-proton singlets at 3.20, 3.32, and 3.34 ppm), to a primary amino group(More)
and E form of the acetamide grouping (the E form was identified from its NOE value of H,7-{iho)~ 4%) shows that, in the first place, in contrast to (I) and (II), in (III) the D conformer is no longer predominant and, in the second place, the E form contains an appreciably lower proportion of the D conformer than Z form. The influence of the state of(More)
The reactions of 6-dehydroeldelidine and 6-dehydrodelcorine with sodium in liquid ammonia have been studied. Structures have been put forward for the compounds obtained. Features of the fragmentation of these compounds under electron impact are discussed.