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Nowadays, fingerprinting based Wi-Fi positioning systems successfully provide location information to mobile users. Main idea behind fingerprinting is to build signal strength database of target area prior to location estimation. This process is called calibration. Indoor positioning system accuracy highly depends on calibration (sampling) intensity. This(More)
The reactions of 6-dehydroeldelidine and 6-dehydrodelcorine with sodium in liquid ammonia have been studied. Structures have been put forward for the compounds obtained. Features of the fragmentation of these compounds under electron impact are discussed.
The mass-spectral properties of 21 lycoctonine bases with 1-methyoxy-7,8-methyl-enedioxy groups have been studied and generalized. An influence of a methyl-enedioxy group of the nature of the substituents at C-6 and C-10, and of a Δ10(12) bond on the fragmentation of the alkaloids and their derivatives has been found.
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We have p rev ious ly r epo r t ed the isolat ion f r o m Delphinium co rumbosum of a ba se C26H41NO 6 with mp 93-95°C [1]. The alkaloid contains a N-ethyl group (3 H, t r ip le t at 1.01 ppm), four methoxy groups (3 H, s inglets at 3.22, 3.25, 3.30, and 3.36 ppm), and a methylenedioxy group (1 H, s ingle ts at 4.86 and 4.96 ppm). The c loseness of the NMR(More)