Anuwat Khadsongkram

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The present study aimed to determine the outcomes and quality of life after platelet-rich plasma therapy in patients with chronic recalcitrant diseases of the hindfoot and ankle and to identify the crucial clinical variables. The records of 12 adult patients with diseases of the hindfoot and ankle were included in the present study. These patients had been(More)
BACKGROUND There are few records for total ankle replacement (TAR) in Asia. We aimed to report the cumulative intermediate-term outcomes in terms of clinical scores, survivorship and failure rates for patients managed with TAR in Asia. METHODS We conducted a systematic search for relevant articles published in English and other languages between January(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about differences in amounts of antioxidants or oxidative stress at different stages of knee osteoarthritis. This study investigated the relationship between concentrations of antioxidants, iron and lipid peroxidation in synovial fluid and levels of severity of primary knee osteoarthritis. MATERIALS AND METHODS From 2011 to(More)
OBJECTIVE Several authors have reported the benefits of the recent procedure of the dual portal endoscopic plantar fasciotomy (EPF). However, very little is known concerning its potential capability via the single portal EPF without special cutting device. The present study aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of uniportal EPF in a patient with severe(More)
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