Anushree Gupta

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Peroxynitrite is a potent oxidizing and nitrating agent which has detrimental effects on cells by altering the structure and function of biomolecules present within. A fluorescent probe rhodamine B phenyl hydrazide (RBPH) has been proposed for peroxynitrite (ONOO−) imaging in MCF-7 cells based on its oxidation property, which converts RBPH to pink colored(More)
A modified signal processing for FMCW waveform has been proposed that yields an improved range resolution without increasing the transmitted signal bandwidth. The chirp duration is reduced by an appropriate factor while the interval of the beat signal sequence considered for the range transform is kept constant. This modification implies a range transform(More)
– Noise is an indispensable part in signal processing that we encounter every day. The study of reducing noise arises from the need to achieve stronger signal to noise ratios. It is any unwanted disturbance that hampers the desired response while keeping the source sound. The different sources may include speech, music played through a device such as a(More)
OBJECTIVE Poor sleep quality is emerging as high prevalence among the patients suffering from cardiometabolic disturbances. The vascular polypeptide endothelin 1 (ET-1) is involved in many of the health disorders. However, its potential involvement in patients having poor sleep quality along with cardiovascular problem is limited. The present study was(More)
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