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Multi-processor systems on chip (MPSoC) platforms are becoming increasingly more heterogeneous and are shifting towards a more communication-centric methodology. Networks on chip (NoC) have emerged as the design paradigm for scalable on-chip communication architectures. As the system complexity grows, the problem emerges as how to design and instantiate(More)
Web Services have become the de-facto standard for architecting and implementing business collaborations within and across organization boundaries. Web service composition refers to the creation of new (Web) services by combining the functionalities provided by existing ones. A process-oriented language for service composition has been proposed as WSBPEL.(More)
This paper surveys research methodologies different QoS and power management algorithms that guarantee enhancement of services in modern wireless communication systems. Power management is one of the most important system requirements for any wireless transmission to guarantee QoS. In this paper we will show different approaches, which solves QoS issues(More)
With increasing popularity of the web-based systems that are applied in many different areas, they tend to deliver customized information for their users by means of utilization of recommendation methods. This recommendation system is mainly classified into two groups: Content-based recommendation and collaborative recommendation system. Content based(More)
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