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Simple discrete time models of population growth admit a wide variety of dynamic behaviors, including population cycles and chaos. Yet studies of natural and laboratory populations typically reveal their dynamics to be relatively stable. Many explanations for the apparent rarity of unstable or chaotic behavior in real populations have been developed,(More)
Study of physico-chemical characteristics and indicator bacterial population of Narmada river water at six different sites during summer, revealed extremely poor microbiological sanitary quality for human use. Free CO2 was found to be absent from all the sampling sites studied which indicates the trophogenic activity in the river water at Mandla. BOD value(More)
Amino-amides are important pharmaceutical building-blocks. The enantioselective reduction of trichloromethyl ketones using ruthenium transfer hydrogenation catalysts is reported. The products react in a range of Jocic-type reactions to give enantiomerically enriched amino-amides.
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