Anurak Jansri

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Electronic throttle actuator is a nonlinear device which has various factors, such as delay time of backlash, gear friction, throttle valve friction and stiffness of spring, can affect to the responsiveness of vehicle control. The major impact on electronic throttle control is the return spring load. It can cause both overshoot and undershoot behaviors(More)
2D barcode can be found largely at product of department store. The general purpose of 2D barcode is to identify product. Process of 2D barcode is run in the assembly production line. Nowadays, the simple 2D barcode can be easily copied. Then, this paper proposes new technique to generate 2D barcode. The technique is multi encryption by chaotic equation(More)
Embracing complexity in today's world makes students impatient to learn following the conventional chalk-and-talk style of teaching, and yet plenty of helpful IT-techniques are available and surrounded. This talk provides a care-and-feeding of STEAM education, namely “Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics”, offering a new way(More)
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