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In today's competitive scenario in industries, each organization wants huge profit. A Data Warehouse is a place for storage of reservoir of data from the various organizations in the range of hundreds of gigabytes to terabytes in size. During the course of time, large volumes of data are being gathered continuously in the Data Warehouse Server for further(More)
Integration of ab-initio nuclear calculation with derivative free optimization technique" (2008). Graduate Theses and Dissertations. Paper 11146. ii DEDICATION I would like to dedicate this thesis to my parents, who have been a constant source of insipiration and blessings throughout my academic career.
I would like to dedicate this thesis to my beloved Lord SAI. Acknowledgements Gratitude is a beautiful human feeling, but it finds fulfillment only in expression. And when you express it, you enrich the life of not just the person whom you are expressing it to, but your own life more so. So I would take this opportunity to express gratitude to some people,(More)
for the award of the degree of Master of Science (by Research), is a bona fide record of the research work carried out by him under my supervision. The contents of this thesis, in full or in parts, have not been submitted to any other Institute or University for the award of any degree or diploma. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I express my sincere thanks to my advisor(More)
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