Anurag Trivedi

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Wavelet transform is a powerful tool to analyze the non-stationary biomedical signals. This paper deals with the noise removal of ECG signal using three different wavelet families (haar, Daubechies and Symlets). The different noise structure (unscaled white noise, scaled white noise and non white noise) have been selected for ECG signals and compared their(More)
The presence of unknown impurity of the order of 0.2% was identified in benazepril using liquid chromatographic technique employing binary gradient system comprising acetic acid and ammonia in water and acetonitrile as the mobile phase. LCMS data corresponds to hydroxylated benazepril (OHB) derivative possessing the molecular formula C(24)H(28)N(2)O(6).(More)
This paper describes the use of fuzzy logic controller for efficiency optimization control of a drive while keeping good dynamic response. At steady-state light-load condition, the fuzzy controller adaptively adjusts the excitation current with respect to the torque current to give the minimum total copper and iron loss. The measured input power such that,(More)
LC-UV scan of lisinopril revealed the presence of an unknown impurity (approximately 0.14%) at a relative retention time of 3.26 employing phosphate buffer-acetonitrile as binary gradient system while LC-MS analysis with binary gradient system comprising of a ammonia-ammonium acetate buffer (pH 5.0) and acetonitrile indicated it to be C31H41N3O7. The(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Within different brain regions, we determine the comparative value of multiphase computed tomographic angiography (mCTA) and computed tomographic perfusion (CTP) in predicting follow-up infarction. METHODS Patients with M1-middle cerebral artery occlusions were prospectively included in this multicenter study. Regional analysis was(More)
Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a common neurological disorder which can affect individuals of all age groups and incidence increasing with age. It can cause severe sleep disruption and negatively impact quality of life of an individual. Its diagnosis is clinical, based on essential criteria of International RLS Study Group. It can be idiopathic or(More)
PURPOSE We measured anterior cerebral artery (ACA)-middle cerebral artery (MCA) and posterior cerebral artery (PCA)-MCA pial filling on single-phase computed tomography angiograms (sCTAs) in acute ischemic stroke and correlate with the CTA-based Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and digital subtraction angiography (DSA)-based American Society of(More)
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