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This paper investigates the temporal dependencies of natural vision by measuring eye and hand movements while subjects made a sandwich. The phenomenon of change blindness suggests these temporal dependencies might be limited. Our observations are largely consistent with this, suggesting that much natural vision can be accomplished with "just-in-time"(More)
The highly task-specific fixation patterns revealed in performance of natural tasks demonstrate the fundamentally active nature of vision, and suggest that in many situations, top-down processes may be a major factor in the acquisition of visual information. Understanding how a top-down visual system could function requires understanding the mechanisms that(More)
Glaucoma care is more an art than science. The introduction of several new classes of glaucoma medications and the completion of many large randomized clinical trials have not changed this fact. While we now have better choices when initiating glaucoma therapy relative to our predecessors, the principles of glaucoma therapy have not changed much during this(More)
The study of human perception has evolved from examining simple tasks executed in reduced laboratory conditions to the examination of complex, real-world behaviors. Virtual environments represent the next evolutionary step by allowing full stimulus control and repeatability for human subjects, and a testbed for evaluating models of human behavior. Visual(More)
The Tiger (Panthera tigris) population in India has undergone a sharp decline during the last few years. Of the number of factors attributed to this decline, habitat fragmentation has been the most worrisome. Wildlife corridors have long been a subject of discussion amongst wildlife biologists and conservationists with contrasting schools of thought arguing(More)
Resolution is a big issue in SOC (system On Chip) while dealing with number of master trying to sense a single data bus. The effectiveness of a system to resolve this priority resides in its ability to logical assignment of the chance to transmit data width of the data, response to the interrupts etc. The purpose of this paper is to propose the scheme to(More)
—The process variation has become inevitable in the present VLSI technology. The IC designed without consideration of process variation fails to do operation correctly Numbers of techniques has proposed to mitigate the effect of process and NBTI effect but have limitation. In this paper Adaptive Body Bias technique is proposed which mitigate the effect of(More)
AODV is reactive routing protocol, used in MANET that establishes route between source and destination, whenever the source has data to send to the destination and there is not any route between them. Since nodes are moving route breaks because nodes are out of coverage of the neighboring nodes. After route break RERR messages are circulated to all the(More)
Electrocardiogram signal most commonly known recognized and used biomedical signal for medical examination of heart. The ECG signal is very sensitive in nature, and even if small noise mixed with original signal, the various characteristics of the signal changes, Data corrupted with noise must either filtered or discarded, filtering is important issue for(More)