Anurag Sharma

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There is no report on systemic mycotic disease in wild crocodilians so far. This report describes possibly the first ever case of deep gastric mycosis in a wild Indian crocodile. A carcass of an adult female, broad snouted Indian marsh crocodile was brought for necropsy. Externally, all visible mucous membranes, eyes, cloacal opening and joints were normal.(More)
Thirty male lambs of 3–4 months of age, were assigned equally to five dietary treatments in a completely randomized design and fed isonitrogenous and isocaloric concentrate mixtures containing 30% de-oiled peanut meal (DPNM) or 40% cottonseed meal, which was raw, cooked for 45 min or treated with either 1% calcium hydroxide or iron (1:3, free gossypol: Fe).(More)
Paired human teeth and fresh blood samples were analysed for the genetic markers ABO, PGM1, GLO-I, EsD, EAP, AK, ADA, 6-PGD, G-6-PD and CA-II. ABO blood groups were successfully determined from dentine, pulp and cement samples whereas only dental pulp could be typed for different isozymes. Studies on the persistence of these genetic markers in teeth stored(More)
Our paper represents an enhancement in the performance of Memory Transaction in MMU(Memory Management Unit) by an sub45nm DRAM cell with reduced leakage current and SCE (Short Channel Effect). In Cell fabrication, Hf (Hafnium) is used as High-K replacing conventional SiO2(Silicon di oxide) gate dielectric and Also the poly-silicon gate electrode is replaced(More)
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