Anurag Prakash Singh

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— WiMAX, Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a developing wireless communication scheme that can provide broadband access to large-scale coverage. WiMAX belongs to the family of standards of IEEE-802.16. To satisfy user demands and support a new set of real time services and applications, a realistic and dynamic resource allocation algorithm(More)
The security of RSA algorithm depends upon the positive integer N, which is the multiple of two precise large prime numbers. Factorization of such great numbers is a problematic process. There are many algorithms has been implemented in the past years. The offered KNJ-Factorization algorithm contributes a deterministic way to factorize RSA N=p*q. The(More)
In the current world scenario, there is a huge need among organization to develop their own knowledgebase. But just creating knowledgebase is not sufficient enough, as there is also availability of some mechanism required so that the knowledge from the knowledgebase can be acquired through learning. Learning is a continuous process. Learning may be of(More)
In this paper, we are proposing a new replica control algorithm Parent Siblings Oriented Tree Quorum Protocol (PSTQ) for the management of replicated data in distributed database system. This algorithm imposes a logical structure of tree on the set of copies of an object. The proposed protocol provides a small read quorum as well as a small write quorum(More)
— In two tiered architecture of sensor networks, the storage node serves as an intermediate tier between the sensor and the sink during storing data and processing queries. This model is widely adopted due to its processing efficiency and power saving and storing benefits. However, the storage node becomes attractive for the attackers due to its importance.(More)
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