Anurag Pandey

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The motivation for this work comes from two problems– test algebraic independence of arithmetic circuits over a field of small characteristic, and generalize the structural property of algebraic dependence used by (Kumar, Saraf CCC'16) to arbitrary fields. It is known that in the case of zero, or large characteristic, using a classical criterion based on(More)
The subiculum is a structure that forms a bridge between the hippocampus and the entorhinal cortex (EC), and plays a major role in the memory consolidation process. Here, we demonstrate spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP) at the proximal excitatory inputs on the subicular pyramidal neurons of juvenile rat. Causal (positive) pairing of a single EPSP(More)
Since the secure communication for Wireless Sensor Network (WSNs) is a challenging problem because sensors are resources limited and cost is the most dominant factor in a energy consumption, for this we introduce an energy-efficient Virtual Energy-Based Encryption and Keying(VEBEK) scheme for WSNs that reduces the number of transmission needed for rekeying(More)
BACKGROUND Vitex negundo L. (Verbenaceae) is a hardy plant widely distributed in the Indian subcontinent and used for treatment of a wide spectrum of health disorders in traditional and folk medicine, some of which have been experimentally validated. In present study, we aimed to investigate the anti-inflammatory effects of V. negundo in carrageenan-induced(More)
We consider the problem of commutative rank computation of a given matrix space, B ⊆ F n×n. The problem is fundamental, as it generalizes several computational problems from algebra and combinatorics. For instance, checking if the commutative rank of the space is n, subsumes problems such as testing perfect matching in graphs and identity testing of(More)
A wideband CMOS LNA, forehead and most important block in receiver chain is presented in the paper. The proposed architecture incorporates multiple feedback paths to optimize all the performance parameters. Moreover, the architecture is made inductor-less to avoid use of bulky area and power hungry inductors thereby reducing the overall parasitic elements(More)
A wideband LNA from 0.1–3 GHz, is designed in 90nm CMOS technology by applying positive-negative feedback to the conventional differential CG-LNA. The gain increases with simultaneous reduction in noise figure as a result of increase in overall effective transconductance due to application of both positive and negative feedback. Also, the(More)
This paper aims to present an approach to facilitate differently abled people to operate a digital camera. This approach will enable them to enjoy photography and videography as a profession. The approach is to design a standard interface that can be controlled through speech or customized hand gestures that differently abled person can make. The speech or(More)
Green and renewable energy is interest of many researchers, governments and public due to upraising environmental impacts of greenhouse gas emission and increasing costs of the energy from fossil sources. In present electricity is one of the major problems. Electricity cannot be provided to population as per the requirement due to continuous increase in(More)