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Integase interactor 1 (INI1), also known as hSNF5, is a protein that interacts with HIV-1 integrase. We report here that a cytoplasmically localized fragment of INI1 (S6; aa183-294) containing the minimal integrase-interaction domain potently inhibits HIV-1 particle production and replication. Mutations in S6 or integrase that disrupt integrase-INI1(More)
Proteins are composition of amino acid. These amino acids mainly form thousands of different proteins. P-glycoprotein (<i>P-gp</i>), one of the protein which is one of the plasma membrane and xenobiotic transport protein. It transports a variety of drug substrates. <i>P-gp</i>, which is encoded as ABCB1 and also shows a mechanism to protect the body from(More)
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