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hIAPP fibrillization implicated in Type 2 diabetes pathology involves formation of oligomers toxic to insulin producing pancreatic β-cells. We report design, synthesis, 3D structure and functional characterization of dehydrophenylalanine (ΔF) containing peptides which inhibit hIAPP fibrillization. The inhibitor protects β-cells from hIAPP induced toxicity.
Glycosyl hydrolase family 1 β-glucosidases are important enzymes that serve many diverse functions in plants including defense, whereby hydrolyzing the defensive compounds such as hydroxynitrile glucosides. A hydroxynitrile glucoside cleaving β-glucosidase gene (Llbglu1) was isolated from Leucaena leucocephala, cloned into pET-28a (+) and expressed in E.(More)
Sortases are cell-membrane-anchored cysteine transpeptidases that are essential for the assembly and anchoring of cell-surface adhesins in Gram-positive bacteria. Thus, they play critical roles in virulence, infection and colonization by pathogens. Sortases have been classified into four types based on their primary sequence and the target-protein motifs(More)
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