Anurag Kumar

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We consider a modification of TCP congestion control in which the congestion window is adapted to explicit bottleneck rate feedback; we call this RATCP (Rate Adaptive TCP). Our goal in this paper is to study and compare the performance of RATCP and TCP in various network scenarios with a view to understanding the possibilities and limits of providing better(More)
The construction of a posterior urethra when a healthy anterior urethra is not available is surgically challenging. We describe two children in whom the posterior urethra was constructed from a segment of ileum. Both children had a satisfactory outcome; one has been followed up for 10 years and one for 1 year.
Analytical models of IEEE 802.11-based WLANs are invariably based on approximations, such as the well-known mean-field approximations proposed by Bianchi for saturated nodes. In this paper, we provide a new approach for modeling the situation when the nodes are not saturated. We study a State Dependent Attempt Rate (SDAR) approximation to model M queues(More)
In this paper we consider the problem of speech enhancement in real-world like conditions where multiple noises can simultaneously corrupt speech. Most of the current literature on speech enhancement focus primarily on presence of single noise in corrupted speech which is far from real-world environments. Specifically, we deal with improving speech quality(More)
We consider elastic sessions sharing a single bottleneck link; the sessions are ow controlled by TCP. Sessions arrive randomly, in a Poisson process, request the transfer of a randomly chosen volume of data (from some le size distribution), and then depart after completion of the transfer. We rst consider the Processor Sharing (PS) model for this problem,(More)
Nickel nanoparticle-decorated phosphorous-doped graphitic carbon nitride (Ni@g-PC₃N₄) was synthesized and used as an efficient photoactive catalyst for the reduction of various nitrobenzenes under visible light irradiation. Hydrazine monohydrate was used as the source of protons and electrons for the intended reaction. The developed photocatalyst was found(More)
Splenogonadal fusion is a rare developmental anomaly resulting from abnormal fusion of splenic and gonadal anlagen in utero [10]. A 9-month-old male presenting with the signs and symptoms of an irreducible left inguinal hernia underwent inguinal exploration, and splenic tissue was found adjacent to the left testis and over the spermatic cord structures.(More)
Regular monitoring of certain vital parameters like heart-rate (HR), blood pressure (BP), Electrocardiogram (ECG) are the basic needs for elderly people and patients with chronic diseases residing at home. In this demo, authors would like to demonstrate the possibility of estimating BP levels and certain ECG parameters using the PPG signals captured from(More)
Human computer interaction (HCI) and sign language recognition (SLR), aimed at creating a virtual reality, 3D gaming environment, helping the deaf-and-mute people etc., extensively exploit the use of hand gestures. Segmentation of the hand part from the other body parts and background is the primary need of any hand gesture based application system; but(More)
This paper examines the lightweight cryptography primitives and proposes a novel integration mechanism of primitives to provide complete cryptography services for resource constraint Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs). In this work, Tseng's protocol is modified to integrate primitives [30]. In order to evaluate the performance of secure MANETs, software;(More)