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Validating Requirements Reviews by Introducing Fault-Type Level Granularity: A Machine Learning Approach
Inspections are a proven approach for improving software requirements quality. Owing to the fact that inspectors report both faults and non-faults (i.e., false-positives) in their inspection reports,Expand
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An empirical study of the effect of learning styles on the faults found during the software requirements inspection
Inspections aid software managers by early detection and removal of faults committed during the creation of requirements and design documents. This helps reduce the rework during the later stages ofExpand
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Using Learning Styles to Staff and Improve Software Inspection Team Performance
Software inspections are most widely used technique by industrial practitioners for improving software quality. While inspections are an effective verification technique, evidence suggests thatExpand
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Using Eye Tracking to Investigate Reading Patterns and Learning Styles of Software Requirement Inspectors to Enhance Inspection Team Outcome
Background -- Inspecting requirements and design artifacts to find faults saves rework effort significantly. While inspections are effective, their overall team performance rely on inspectors'Expand
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Using Learning Styles of Software Professionals to Improve Their Inspection Team Performance
Inspections of software artifacts during early software development aids managers to detect early faults that may be hard to find and fix later. Results showed inspection ability does not depend onExpand
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FNDNet – A deep convolutional neural network for fake news detection
Abstract With the increasing popularity of social media and web-based forums, the distribution of fake news has become a major threat to various sectors and agencies. This has abated trust in theExpand
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A comprehensive survey on model compression and acceleration
In recent years, machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) have shown remarkable improvement in computer vision, natural language processing, stock prediction, forecasting, and audio processing toExpand
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Teaching Software Requirements Inspections to Software Engineering Students through Practical Training and Reflection
Teaching Software Requirements Inspections to Software Engineering Students through Practical Training and Reflection Mr. Anurag Goswami, North Dakota State University Anurag Goswami is a Ph. D.Expand
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An Empirical Investigation to Overcome Class-Imbalance in Inspection Reviews
Background: software inspection results in reviews that report the presence of faults. Requirements author must manually read through the reviews and differentiate between true-faults andExpand
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