Anurag Dwarakanath

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A 31 year old man from Gambia, resident in the United Kingdom for two years, presented with a two month history of unproductive cough, malaise, weight loss, non-specific abdominal pain, and episodic diarrhoea. Acid alcohol fast bacilli were identified in his sputum, together with Strongyloides stercoralis larvae and Giardia lamblia cysts in his stools. This(More)
The effects of sodium butyrate and sodium bromo-octanoate (an inhibitor of beta oxidation) on colonic mucus glycoprotein (mucin) synthesis have been assessed using tissue from colonic resection samples. Epithelial biopsy specimens were incubated for 16 hours in RPMI 1640 with glutamine, supplemented with 10% fetal calf serum and N-acetyl-[3H]-glucosamine(More)
We present a method for the automatic extraction of glossary terms from unconstrained natural language requirements. The glossary terms are identified in two steps - a) compute units (which are candidates for glossary terms) b) disambiguate between the mutually exclusive units to identify terms. We introduce novel linguistic techniques to identify process(More)
In this paper we study the trustworthiness of the crowd for crowdsourced software development. Through the study of literature from various domains, we present the risks that impact the trustworthiness in an enterprise context. We survey known techniques to mitigate these risks. We also analyze key metrics from multiple years of empirical data of actual(More)
A man who was a non-smoker presented with clinical, histological, and radiological features typical of distal ulcerative colitis. Prolonged treatment with corticosteroids was associated with the development of numerous granulomata, stricturing, and perianal disease. It is speculated that the immunosuppression associated with the corticosteroid treatment may(More)
We present and evaluate a software development methodology that addresses key challenges for the application of Crowdsourcing to an enterprise application development. Our methodology presents a mechanism to systematically break the overall business application into small tasks such that the tasks can be completed independently and in parallel by the crowd.(More)
The emergence of online labor markets has concentrated a lot of attention on the prospect of using crowdsourcing for software development, with a potential to reduce costs, improve time-to-market, and access high-quality skills on demand. However, crowdsourcing of software development is still not widely adopted. A key barrier to adoption is a lack of(More)
Crowdsourcing is an emerging area and has evolved as a powerful practice to leverage the collective intelligence of the crowd. It has been applied in various domains ranging from creative resolution of a problem to improving the business process using several platforms such as CrowdFlower, Freelancer and Amazon Mechanical Turk. Crowd is a creative workforce(More)